Productivity is the holy grail of knowledge economy performance. In 1959, Peter Drucker — the father of modern management science — first coined the term “knowledge worker.” This set off our race to maximize workplace productivity — the race to do more faster.

Knowledge workers are unique in that they require autonomy to manage their own time and priorities (i.e. a manager can’t dictate the way for a developer to write the best line of code). Workflows and priorities can be set, but individuals themselves are left to determine the best ways to achieve the targeted outcomes. …

The internet is rife with blog posts explaining how to successfully launch on Product Hunt. It’s almost like the obligatory final step for any product release. But Product Hunt is a deceptively complex game that is best figured out through trial and error so there’s a lot to be shared.

We spent a lot of time planning and refining every single detail of our Product Hunt Launch for Mayday. Everything was scheduled to go live at 3:01 am Eastern last Thursday (see How Product Hunt Works below).

After a restless attempt at sleep, I got up at exactly 3:01 am…

It’s okay to acknowledge that you don’t don’t have all the answers. Especially when you’re doing something as ambiguous as building a startup. The expansive possibility is also expansive unknown. And you need to move quickly in uncharted areas if you want to succeed.

Learning from your own mistakes is one approach, but it’s expensive and it can sometimes mean life or death to an early-stage company. A better solution, is to ask for help and to seek advice.

Unfortunately, obtaining advice can be more complicated than it seems. Seek too little advice and you risk making avoidable mistakes. Seek…

I spend my entire work day on my computer — especially now that remote work is the norm. I’m in meetings on Zoom, discussing projects in Slack, organizing priorities in Notion. I am managing my time across multiple calendars and to-do apps. All of my tools make similar promises:

Work more collaboratively… get more done… feel more organized… be more productive!

But while I spend my entire day working across multiple productivity software platforms, the last word I’d typically use to describe how I feel is “productive.”

“Productivity” is an economics term. It is defined as the efficiency of production…

In a recent meeting with an investor, I received some familiar advice — “you guys should focus on creating some content.”

“Start a blog.”

“Get active on Twitter.”

“Drive in users through LinkedIn.”

Don’t get me wrong, I think this is good advice. That’s why I’m here in the first place, isn’t it? But the challenge I’m trying to mitigate against is that if you’re like me, you’re absolutely drowning in content (truthfully, I’m amazed you’re reading this to begin with).

I scroll through my LinkedIn feed or I open up Twitter and everyone wants to tell me something. …

Adam Day

Cofounder and COO @ | I like building things | Twitter @adamday6

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